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How Cisco Finesse Works

Cisco Finesse is a web-based application that runs on an agent's computer in a web browser. When a customer contacts the organization, the interaction is routed to the appropriate agent. The agent can see all the relevant information about the customer and handle the interaction using a range of tools. All interaction data is stored in the system, allowing for easy retrieval and analysis.


Cisco Finesse can be accessed from any location, making it easy for agents to work remotely or in a distributed team environment.

Improved customer service

Cisco Finesse provides agents with all the tools they need to handle customer interactions, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased efficiency

With a customizable interface and real-time reporting, agents can work more efficiently and managers can make data-driven decisions to improve operations.

Integration with other systems

By integrating with other systems, Cisco Finesse provides a holistic view of customer interactions across the entire organization, leading to better collaboration and more effective service delivery.


Omnichannel support

Agents can handle customer interactions across multiple channels.

Customizable interface

The interface can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Real-time reporting

Managers can monitor agent performance and make data-driven decisions to improve service.

Integration with other systems

Finesse can be integrated with a range of other systems to provide a holistic view of customer interactions.

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