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Ransomware Prevention

These days it seems a week doesn’t go by without hearing about a high profile case of ransomware infecting and impacting a healthcare organization.  Ransomware can infect an organization due to unwitting users opening files which they believe to be harmless.  It doesn’t take administrative rights, as any file or directory a user has access to could be encrypted by the software.  This also includes any files on network shares.  With the ever-evolving slew of malicious software inundating us on a daily basis, it becomes difficult for common antivirus software to keep up-to-date with definitions.  Simpler methods of implementing typical OS level security settings may negatively impact the user’s experience.

AppSense Application Manager (AM) is a user rights/privilege management technology that integrates tightly with the operating system.  AM is able to filter applications as they are executed and determine, based on policy, if the user can execute the application derived from criteria an organization enforces.  It can also filter execution of applications based on things such as what workstation a user is logged into, whether the user is on the corporate network, as well as if they are a member of a specific directory group.  Application Manager can leverage trusted ownership to prevent the execution of ransomware by allowing only applications introduced by trusted administrators to run.  This minimizes administration time without compromising security, performance, or user experience.

Spadafy is a Gold+ AppSense partner, and a leading AppSense solution provider in Healthcare. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organization defend against malicious ransomware attacks.

Key Benefits of AppSense Application Manager (AM)

Granular rights management with minimal impact on users’ workflows
User and license compliance
Prevent unknown executables
Contextual entitlement
Endpoint visibility provided by collected analytics