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Security Transformations

The need to improve your organization’s cybersecurity systems is critical now more than ever with the ever-growing number potential threat actors throughout the world. Spadafy’s team of experts can assist an organization in improving its security posture in a variety of different ways to protect your organization from these threat actors and potential business disruptions that could occur in the event of a ransomware attack.

Spadafy Security Transformation Solutions

Virtual CISO

With Spadafy’s Virtual CISO service, our customers get access to valuable expertise and leadership of a security executive without actually having to bring one in house.

Operational Security Program

Security is not a one-time check and validation but requires constant vigilance and awareness of changes in your environment. Our Operational Security engagement will assist in standing up or enhancing your security and privacy office.

Security and Risk Mitigation

Risks must be identified and tracked through your security and privacy office. Our team can assist in mitigating the identified risks with solutions that fit an organization’s needs.

HIPAA Security and Privacy Assessment

Conduct this assessment as part of an annual security and privacy health check to understand the constant change in your organization and the risk associated with change.

Ransomware Protection

Most organizations have already encountered ransomware. Our team implements the safe-guards necessary to stop this ever-evolving nuisance.

Incident Response

Our team helps prepare for, detect, analyze and contain security breaches. It is critical to identify as quickly as possible when incidents occur, how far reaching and recovery steps required for future mitigation.

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