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Assessments and Workshops

Modern Technology Solutions can accomplish amazing things, but only if they are working correctly. Spadafy’s team of experts help organizations everyday step back and assess environments to ensure they are running optimally and achieving their top potential. Our workshops help organizations learn and engage with solutions to fully understand the technology and how it can be incorporated into their portfolio.

Spadafy Assessments and Workshop Services

Network Assessment

Efficient, highly performant, and resilient networks connect technology with people. A network assessment can help you identify both the strengths and weaknesses. The assessment creates a foundation by which you can build from, but the workshop is where you create a plan for the future.

Data Center Infrastructure

Through a Data Center assessment, Spadafy will help identify the potential of your investment covering your environment from the rack to the app. Engineers focus on both physical and virtual environments delivering detailed reports with strengths, vulnerabilities, and potential.

VDI  / End User Compute

A Spadafy User Experience Assessment is an industry leading approach to optimize and diagnose physical and virtual desktop environments. We focus not only on infrastructure and delivery model, but most importantly the actual experience of your users.

Cloud Readiness

Does your organization have a cloud plan? Our cloud readiness assessments provide an itemized list that indicates if applications and data can be moved to the cloud smoothly, with minimal impact to business operations during the transition.

How can we help?

If you have questions about our IT services or solutions, please contact us! We’re available by email or phone, and we’re happy to address any questions.


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