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Disaster Recovery

Spadafy’s Disaster Recovery planning services will allow your mission critical data to be managed and recovery steps defined, reducing impact of corruption or data loss from human error, hardware failure, malware, or hacking.

Spadafy Disaster Recovery Services

Business Recovery Planning

Spadafy's business recovery planning service addresses restoration of your IT services after an emergency.

Continuity of Operations Planning

A continuity of operations plan establishes policy and guidance ensuring that critical functions continue and that personnel and resources are relocated to an alternate facility in case of emergencies. Spadafy's planning service will develop procedures for: alerting, notifying, activating and deploying employees.


Spadafy's Disaster Recovery and Backup as a Service solutions offload management, hosting, and testing of business continuity from your IT staff to protect your business’s data and applications.

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If you have questions about our IT services or solutions, please contact us! We’re available by email or phone, and we’re happy to address any questions.


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