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Security Services

Implementing a strong cybersecurity program is critical now more than ever. Spadafy’s security offerings can complement your existing IT staff and improve your overall security posture and protect your organizations critical data and infrastructure.

Spadafy Security Services

Security Audit

Security Audits

Spadafy's team provides HIPAA and CIS20 risk assessments as part of an annual security and privacy health check to understand the constant change in your organization and the risks associated with change.

Managed Security Office

Managed Security Office

Security is not a one-time check and validation but requires constant vigilance and awareness of changes in your environment. Our Managed Security Office offers 24/7 monitoring of your security environment providing immediate response to security threats detected in your organization.

Virtual CISO

We assist organizations that need the skills of an experienced chief information security officer on a virtual and/or temporary basis to lead and develop your security practice.

Security Backups

Ransomware attacks continue to be a threat to organizations, causing business disruption and loss of critical data. Spadafy can assist you in implementing operational procedures to secure the backups of your infrastructure making them immutable to ransomware attacks.

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If you have questions about our IT services or solutions, please contact us! We’re available by email or phone, and we’re happy to address any questions.


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