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Data Center Infrastructure

A modernization roadmap for the on-prem business

Spadafy`s Team of Data Center engineers help organizations craft their resources to meet current and future business objectives employing advanced technologies, modern methodologies, and software to create a strong data center strategy.

Spadafy Data Center Infrastructure Offerings

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure increases resource utilization, consolidates management, and allows for greater adaptability for modern applications.

Server Compute for Virtualized world

Server evolution has brought increased density to CPUs, Memory, and Storage driving accelerated consolidation of workloads to highly virtualized private cloud clusters.

Primary Storage

Increases in data growth have demanded better efficiency and performance from Storage Arrays, while applying advanced Deduplication and Compression technology to provide increases in efficiency and capacity.


Modern networking solutions benefit organizations through unified information sharing including voice, data, and video conferencing. Our team of engineers assess, design, and implement based on your needs.

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If you have questions about our IT services or solutions, please contact us! We’re available by email or phone, and we’re happy to address any questions.


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We’re headquartered in Washington, but we have offices throughout the U.S. and are always available to talk about how we can help modernize and accelerate your business.