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Spadafy Hosted VDI Analytics with EG Innovations

Successful IT Initiatives like VDI are tied directly to end user satisfaction. Using analytics tools that only monitor performance resources like CPU, memory, disk, etc are no longer enough. On the same hand, using analytics tools that are too complicated or provide inaccurate information defeat the purpose of having an analytics tool at all.

Spadafy has partnered with EG Innovations to provide advanced cloud hosted virtual desktop analytics. Our platform allows you to quickly stand up EG’s analytics tools and begin getting useful data quickly, generally in less than an hour. Our partnership with EG allows flexible licensing ranging from a small test environment for a single month during troubleshooting to annual subscriptions with Spadafy experts reviewing your data and providing helpful insights on potential optimizations.

Reduce Downtime - 72%


Users reported that EG Innovations helped reduce the time to identify the root cause of application performance problems. (Source TechValidate)

Excellent Time Value - 83%


Users saw value within a month of installing EG Innovations (Source: TechValidate)


Spadafy managed EG Innovations End User Experience analytics software can help you identify issues and areas for improvement, without  expensive long term license terms, lengthy install & configuration, and the ease of SAAS based delivery.

Why Spadafy hosted EG Innovations?

Performance Optimization

As IT infrastructures become software-defined, adding more hardware only alleviates performance problems temporarily. With visibility into the performance of every layer, every tier of the infrastructure, you can determine how to optimally utilize the current infrastructure investments to do more.

Operational Efficiency

By making it possible to diagnose problems with one click, eG Enterprise empowers helpdesk personnel to manage and troubleshoot performance issues. This way, organizations can significantly reduce their IT operations costs.

Easy Cloud Hosted for Horizon or Citrix

Our cloud hosted eG Innovations analytics platform makes it easy to quickly begin leveraging advanced analytics from your environment. Just add an on prem collector and an agent to your desktop image and you’re ready to go!

Flexible licensing options range from a single month for testing / troubleshooting to subscription options based on the number of hosts in your VDI environment.

Correlated Visibility

Monitor virtual desktops as a service and not as individual silos: Get correlated visibility of the entire VDI environment from a single pane of glass.

Spadafy Hosted Monitoring

Getting the most out of an analytics tool takes training and regular review. With Spadafy hosted eG, our experts will review your data and highlight areas to review to correct issues or optimize your deployment.

Mobile Application / Text Notifications

Utilize eG Innovations mobile application to view alarms and reports, or configure text based notifications. You’ll always know when issues are beginning in your environment and leverage eG’s automation tools to correct those issues before they affect your users.