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On average, care providers log into workstations and applications 70 times a day, entering a username and password each time. This tedious process frustrates providers, increases complexity, hurts efficiency and obstructs patient care.

Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Imprivata OneSign® addresses these challenges by delivering an end-to-end solution that incorporates single sign-on, authentication management and virtual desktop roaming. That means fewer clicks and no more hassles with usernames and passwords. Providers can quickly access the systems and information they need, anytime and from anywhere. The focus is on patient care instead of technology.

In addition, Imprivata OneSign drives electronic medical records utilization and computerized physician order entry adoption, helping achieve Meaningful Use objectives. Security is paramount, too. Imprivata maintains the security of clinical systems and protected health information to meet HIPAA, HITECH and other regulatory requirements.

Innovative and responsive, Imprivata OneSign streamlines access, giving you increased productivity, better compliance, stronger security and reduced IT costs. Now your care providers can spend more time with patients and less time signing onto systems.

The team at Spadafy has years of experience with Imprivata OneSign, and can help you plan, implement, and optimize single sign on and authentication management with No Click Acces

Key Benefits of Imprivata OneSign

Provides fast, secure access to patient information
Saves clinicians up to 45 minutes per shift
Meets HIPAA compliance requirements
Drives CPOE adoption and enables EPCS
Enables ‘tap n go’ desktop roaming from Windows & Zero Client Devices