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Identity & Access Management

Your partner for real world identity projects

Identity is the center of modern security.

With Spadafy, people are at the center of identity.

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Spadafy Identity and Access Management (IAM) Consulting provides your organization with cutting-edge identity management solutions that integrate with and automate your business processes and identity workflows.

We recognize the gap between traditional legacy identity management systems and contemporary federated IDP-based identity programs. Our expertise enables us to help clients create a practical, real world strategy that aligns with your business objectives and budget while maintaining the efficiency of clinical workflows and employee productivity.

Spadafy Identity and Access Management Offerings

Identity Platform / IDP

Your Identity Provider (IDP) is the core of your identity program and plays a crucial role in enhancing security, simplifying user management, ensuring compliance, and reducing operational costs for organizations. It's a critical component of modern identity and access management (IAM) strategies.

Single Sign On / Authentication

From legacy authentication with badge tap and knowledge based access to modern conditional risk based models and federated authentication, organizations have many options for allowing access to their applications and privileged business resources. Our team can help with strategy, bridge technology gaps and plan for success.

Identity Lifecycle Automation & Governance

Automate your most time consuming manual identity tasks without breaking the bank (or the business processes!). Our real world approach to RBAC, identity lifecycle and automation focuses on phased reductions in manual identity workflows, without the software / feature bloat you won't use for several years.

Privileged Access Management and Threat Detection

Spadafy can help you secure your privileged accounts with many strategies from ITDR based rules with MFA to full priviledged access management, we can help your team most effectively protect your most sensitive systems and resources.

Spadafy IAM Service Offerings

Advisory Services

Get a comprehensive 360° perspective on your entire IAM program, process analysis, technology issue resolution, and strategic planning.

IAM Operations

From technical assist to program management, our team can provide IAM operational consulting after your solution is in place.

Architecture and Implementation

Implementation services that fit your team's needs. White glove to supplemental consulting.

Managed Services

Leave the management, operations and leadership of your IAM program to us!