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Maximizing business value through a diversify cloud approach

Spadafy's team of Cloud Experts specialize in cloud adoption strategies, no matter the cloud, a strong plan with expert execution delivers faster adoption, safer transitions, and optimized results.

Spadafy Multicloud Offerings


Moving towards a Cloud Strategy whether Private, Hybrid, or Public requires an adoption strategy to implement safely and effectively. Cloud adoption maximizes the value of your IT environment providing increased flexibility, resilience, and accessibility.

Cloud Management

Centralized management of your cloud environment allows you to be dynamic and adaptable enabling your IT staff to manage all of their cloud environments efficiently.

Public Cloud Offerings

Public clouds solve the problem of scale, availability, and accessibility allowing organizations to react faster to opportunities and scale to meet future needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds provide flexibility to run workloads where best suited, providing the benefit of optimizing environments to fit business needs.

Private Cloud

Private clouds offer flexibility, cost savings, security, and control benefits for predictable performance and customized workloads

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