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Virtual Desktop Solutions

Move seamlessly and securely between devices and applications

Spadafy helps remove the need to constantly log in and out of applications located throughout facilities. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides the flexibility to move seamlessly and securely between the devices and applications to deliver the most efficient user experience.

Key Benefits of Spadafy Enabled Virtual Desktops

Vendor Agnostic End to End Solution

With years of experience, Spadafy understands the required components and methods for a successful VDI deployment, and will help you navigate through the myriad of options.

Role Based and Location Aware

Your users have different needs depending on their role and location. Using an advanced rules engine we deliver the information your users need based on who they are and where they.

Focus on Speed of Access

We understand how critical seconds can be, and are obsessive about the details to make your desktop environment as quick as possible.

Ease of Management

Implementing a Virtual Desktop Environment not only improves your end user experience, but eases desktop management for IT. We'll work with your IT staff to ensure they are taking full advantage of new tools and own the solution after implementation.

How can we help?

If you have questions about our IT services or solutions, please contact us! We’re available by email or phone, and we’re happy to address any questions.


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We’re headquartered in Washington, but we have offices throughout the U.S. and are always available to talk about how we can help modernize and accelerate your business.