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Spadafy VDI Managed Services


Get the most from your VDI investment

If you’ve tested or rolled out a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure you’ve seen the powerful workflow enhancements it can provide to your business, but you’ve also likely seen a shift in the type of expertise needed to keep your VDI environment operating at its full potential.

With Spadafy VDI Managed Services (VMS), you now have access to our team of senior VDI experts who will help you optimize and manage your environment and provide the best possible user experience to your staff.

  • All VMS offerings are customized to fit your budget and needs
  • Access a full team of experts for less than the FTE cost
  • Provide level 1, 2 or 3 troubleshooting and escalation support to your team and users
  • Supplement your existing team for vacations or certain segments of your stack
  • Standardize and budget your software upgrades & patching without unexpected services costs
  • Introduce best practices for change management and update processes

Why VDI Managed Services?

VDI Support without Vendor Finger Pointing

Most VDI environments consist of multiple vendor products, from Thin Clients, to Print Management, or Single Sign On, it can often be difficult to get the holistic support you need. Spadafy's VMS team spend their day working with the same software you already have in place, and provide a single point of contact to resolve issues with ALL of the pieces of your VDI environment.

Focused Monitoring & Proactive Resolution

Identifying and correcting poor user experience requires active monitoring and proactive resolution of issues, which can be a difficult juggling act for your engineers. With Spadafy VMS Monitoring, we'll be looking for inconsistencies and issues that affect your users' desktop experience, often resolving the issue before they notice or report it.

Change Management & Pre-Production Testing

Because of the nature of VDI, a single change can cause recursive issues that you may not have seen coming. Spadafy VDI Managed Services will help your team establish methodical / proven baselines and software driven automated testing against new changes. This approach eliminates the human error factor from testing and helps ensure changes don't negatively affect your users.

VDI Managed Service Frequently Asked Questions

How is Spadafy VDI Managed Services (VMS) different from VDI Professional Services?

Traditional VDI Professional Services is generally more project based work – implementation and configuring solutions with intent to hand off to your team to manage. VDI Managed Services is geared toward IT shops who need additional assistance with the day to day monitoring, management and troubleshooting of their end user computing environment.

Can our organization purchase services for just incidents / escalation?

Yes, we have plans that will allow your IT staff to escalate issues with your VDI stack to our VMS team as an a la carte service. This offering allows your team to offload high priority issues without having to manage tickets with multiple vendors.

What solutions are covered as part of Spadafy VMS?

Our team has experience with nearly all solutions in the end user compute space. Core software solutions like Citrix, VMware and Microsoft, important 3rd party products from companies like Ivanti, Imprivata, IGEL, ControlUp, server and endpoint hardware solutions are all key areas of our expertise. Each organization is different, and each Spadafy VDI Managed Services plan is designed to meet an organization’s needs within budget.

How does Spadafy VMS Monitoring Work?

We’ve found that many IT organizations don’t have the resources to take full advantage of end user analytics and monitoring software. It takes time to become familiar with a tool and be available to troubleshoot when an issue is identified. With Spadafy VMS we’ll monitor your VDI environment, proactively identify and troubleshoot potential issues, and work with your team to resolution when an alert is received.

We’re a smaller shop and have a great VDI architect/engineer, but just need coverage when he’s out. Do you offer this level of support?

Absolutely. Many of our customers have great teams, but just need occasional backup. We can include this with any other VMS offerings or as a stand alone.

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