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VMware Horizon 8 is the latest version of the popular virtual desktop and application delivery solution from VMware. In this blog post, we’ll explore the improvements and new features introduced in VMware Horizon 8, compared to its previous versions. These improvements include instant clones, smart policies, Blast Extreme protocol, enhanced security, hybrid and multi-cloud deployment, and improved user experience. These enhancements provide organizations with greater flexibility, scalability, and security, while also improving the user experience for virtual desktops and applications. Let’s dive into the details!

Instant Clones

Instant clones are a significant improvement in VMware Horizon 8 over the traditional cloning process. They are created much faster than traditional clones, and require less storage and network resources. This makes the process of creating and updating virtual desktops much more efficient, and reduces the time and effort required to manage a large number of desktops. Additionally, instant clones are more customizable, as administrators can apply updates and patches to the master image, and instantly deploy the changes to all instant clones. Overall, instant clones are a welcome addition to VMware Horizon 8, and greatly simplify the desktop management process.

Smart Policies

Smart policies are a powerful feature of VMware Horizon 8, as they allow administrators to deliver desktops and applications in a more granular and context-aware way. For example, administrators can set up policies that restrict access to certain applications or data based on a user’s location, device type, or network connection. This can improve security and compliance, and ensure that users have access to the resources they need to do their job. Additionally, smart policies can help reduce costs by controlling resource usage based on user needs, which can lead to better performance and lower infrastructure costs.

Blast Extreme Protocol

Blast Extreme is a significant improvement over the previous remote display protocols used in VMware Horizon. It provides a high-quality, multimedia experience to end-users over a wide range of network conditions. Blast Extreme uses advanced video compression techniques to reduce bandwidth usage and ensure a consistent user experience, which is especially important when delivering virtual desktops and applications over WAN or wireless networks. Additionally, Blast Extreme is more scalable than previous protocols, which means it can support a larger number of users and devices. Overall, Blast Extreme is a great addition to VMware Horizon 8, and greatly improves the user experience when using virtual desktops and applications.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security is always a welcome improvement in any software solution, and VMware Horizon 8 is no exception. The support for multi-factor authentication is a significant step forward in securing access to virtual desktops and applications, as it requires users to provide an additional authentication factor beyond a username and password. Integration with security products like VMware Carbon Black can help detect and remediate security threats in real-time, which is critical in today’s security landscape. Improved support for compliance regulations like HIPAA and GDPR can help organizations meet their regulatory requirements and avoid costly penalties.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment

Hybrid and multi-cloud deployment is becoming increasingly popular in today’s IT landscape, and VMware Horizon 8 provides an ideal solution for organizations looking to deploy virtual desktops and applications across multiple environments. The ability to deploy virtual desktops and applications across on-premises and cloud environments provides organizations with flexibility and scalability, which can lead to better performance and lower costs. Additionally, organizations can take advantage of the unique features and benefits of different cloud environments, such as the scalability of AWS or the security of Azure.

Improved User Experience

Improved user experience is a critical factor in the success of any virtual desktop or application solution, and VMware Horizon 8 includes many improvements to the end-user experience. Faster logins and improved graphics performance can help users be more productive and reduce frustration. Better support for collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom can improve communication and collaboration between remote teams. Overall, the improvements in the user experience in VMware Horizon 8 can lead to higher user satisfaction and better adoption of virtual desktops and applications.